From the start of my 4 year degree in 2012 everything I had learnt from my studies about PR at the University of Chester excited me. Having been introduced to the theory behind PR, I recognised the need to get industry exposure and some practical experience to build on my studies. Four months into a one year paid internship at The Scott Partnership (TSP) and what an eye opener it has been so far!

The whole dynamic of dealing directly with clients and their real challenges seemed light years away from my academic studies.  It also underlined the critical necessity to carefully select where your internship would be best provided. TSP has a great reputation for excellence and an internship programme which committed to invest in me and my future. In return I would commit to work hard and do my very best at everything I was involved with. It feels just like a partnership where I am mentored so my skills are developed and stretched but I also gain valuable experience in a fast paced, exciting, integrated sales and marketing agency; all within a fully supportive environment.

Although the prospect of starting a new job can be quite daunting and intimidating the TSP atmosphere is both very friendly and truly positive; the open plan office made me feel like an integral part of the team from Day 1.  I have already witnessed how important it is to work as a united team making the most of everyone’s unique skills in order to achieve success for our clients.

TSP delivers integrated sales and marketing programmes to our clients and it has been fascinating to see how these principles are applied to challenges from generating leads to increasing brand awareness. Over my first few weeks, I had already learnt a great deal and had immediately been thrust into client work including attending client meetings, writing press releases and media outreach. It’s really satisfying to see how our work directly generates results for our clients. Life as an intern at TSP is so varied and is certainly not just about making cups of tea and photocopying! TSP also has a great social side, and I was in charge of managing our Christmas party which was great fun!

So my words of wisdom are – Carefully select your intern partner and then give it 100% commitment.

The TSP paid intern program gives you a great opportunity to learn new things whilst also developing existing skills in a nurturing environment. I’m excited to see how my knowledge and skills learnt so far help me in completing my degree and laying the foundation for my future career.

Hayley MacLeod, Intern at The Scott Partnership


Hayley and Scott the Rhino!

Hayley and Scott the Rhino!