Most of our clients in the science and high technology industries come to us to “do marketing”. This is generally a tick in the box exercise – lawyer? Tick. Marketing services supplier? Tick. Rarely do they come to us and say “I need to generate more leads, how do I use my marketing programs to do this?” But when they hear that we will work with them to generate say 100 leads from people with purchasing authority over cell culture analysers in the US, or to increase their database of lab managers in the water and wastewater industry globally, then they start to sit up and take note.

Marketing should not be seen as a separate function to sales. They are in fact two sides of the same coin, with marketing ideally working to generate a large volume of names, put them through some sort of qualification process and then pass them to sales to convert. Marketing should then work alongside sales teams to nurture the lead while the sales process runs its course, while also ensuring that the sales teams have the tools they need to help them convert the sale. By treating sales and marketing as two separate silos, companies are limiting their chance of success.

The Scott Partnership’s integrated sales and marketing model maps out how the two should work together. Click here to view the infographic.

Want to learn more about how to integrate your sales and marketing? In upcoming blogs, we will introduce you to different strategies and tactics that you can employ to ensure that your marketing function is working to generate you sales. If you can’t wait for the next instalment, then drop us a line on our website, LinkedIn, or Google+. We look forward to hearing from you!