Want to generate more sales and increased growth for your scientific, technology or industrial business? Our flexible marketing communications solutions can help…

Here at The Scott Partnership we integrate sales and marketing for businesses that supply the regulatory and industrial sectors. We help convert innovative instrumentation & software, products, materials and services into sales.

Having evolved from a purely public relations agency into the strategic consultancy you see today, we remain uniquely positioned to help our partners with their media relations programs. Our heritage lies in product communication, programs on large-scale issues that impact society, as well as corporate and crisis communications. The media LOVE working with us and thanks to our established relationships with editors on key publications for your industry, we have a track record of delivering highly successful media relations programs (and it’s not just about press releases!). To learn more visit our media relations page.

What makes us different to other agencies we hear you ask? Through our insight approach we delve deep into your business to gain insights into your customers, brand and platform. This means we can design the most impactful strategy and deliver the most effective solutions including content marketing, digital communications, lead generation and nurture to help you achieve your goals.

From the latest innovations to tried and tested techniques, we are passionate about the scientific, technology and industrial sectors. In a world where marketing and communications is constantly changing (it would be boring if it didn’t right?), we work hard to anticipate the next hot trends and innovative new tactics so you don’t have to. So whether you’re a small start up or a leading global corporation we have the specialist knowledge and experience to make you stand out from the crowd.

If you like what you see then pick up the phone, drop us an email or a tweet, hang out with us on Google + or even send an old fashioned letter, whatever your preferred method of communication we’d just love for you to get in touch!


Typical Client Challenges



Brand building

Want to build awareness of your brand?

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Sales and marketing strategy

Implementing a sales and marketing strategy for your business

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Lead generation

Looking to generate measurable leads for your business?

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Lead nurture

Need to effectively interact with your potential customers?

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Stakeholder engagement

How to  engage with your stakeholders more effectively

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Going global

Need to promote your brand on a global scale?

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Attracting investment

How to attract investment and prepare for  an exit

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Developing media relations

How to get your brand in front of the media

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