Intelligent communications that deliver

We strive to be the best at helping science, industrial and technology innovators to successfully communicate their value to complex audiences around the world. We believe we can only achieve this by consistently demonstrating measurable results.

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ markets, sectors, target media and businesses so we can deliver insight-driven communications programmes that help achieve their business goals.

Our experienced team of technical and scientific copywriters, scientists, linguists, communications and media professionals and creative and digital experts works tirelessly to deliver simple, effective and customised campaigns.

We rely on the strong relationships with our clients which underpin the success of our activities. They in turn rely on our audience insight, market knowledge, technical and scientific understanding and ability to drive brand awareness, perceptions and marketing results.

We help organisations from Fortune 500 multinational market leaders, to well established SMEs and science and technology start-ups, who are looking to launch or grow their profile, brands and businesses around the world.

What would you get from working with The Scott Partnership Group? An honest, experienced, proactive, committed, results-driven partner that always puts you first.

We’d love to hear about your marketing challenges, give us a call, you won’t regret it.

Our approach

We create customised, integrated marketing programmes just for you.

In highly regulated industries, you already have to deal with restrictions, red tape and immovable structures, we know that’s not what you want from your communications partner. Our programmes are built solely around your needs. We don’t blindly apply restrictive models, structures or templates to your business, we listen, then adapt our proven approaches to meet your needs. As a full-service, media-neutral agency, we absorb or tease out your challenges and goals, then build marketing solutions that will meet them.

We are strong advocates of the inbound marketing approach. Gone are the days of outbound, scattergun marketing that is aimless and ineffective. Our programmes are designed to attract, convert, close and delight new customers, turning them from visitors, to leads, to customers to promoters. And the key to great inbound marketing in technical b2b industries? Great content.

Stellar technical and scientific content

We understand science but speak and communicate plainly, both with our clients and their audiences. For us, good communication is not using jargon or highly technical language to impress, it’s about getting your messages across clearly, in the right place and at the right time so the people who matter take note, respond and engage with you.

For more than twenty years, we have been impressing our clients with our can-do attitude and our results. Communicating effectively takes creativity, science and experience. We combine all three to help our clients grow. If you are in need of a straight talking partner who’s not afraid of technical material, contact us.

The TSP difference

  • Customised solutions
    • Whatever your marketing goals, we will develop solutions that work. We combine decades of experience and proven methods with creativity and new ideas that will make your audience take note.
  • Insightful planning
    • We immerse ourselves in your business, market and sector so that we (and you) can be confident in every recommendation we make.
  • Proactive delivery
    • We deliver what we say we’ll deliver. Period. If we encounter barriers or challenges, we work around them to ensure you get what you need, on time and to budget.
  • Expert support
    • Our team combines deep scientific and technical knowledge with the latest in marketing know-how. Our advice can shape strategies and impact your success.
  • Agile campaigns
    • Our campaigns are flexible and agile because change is constant. We work within a proven inbound marketing framework, but adapt and refine our activities with data and insight to ensure optimal ‘bang for buck’.
  • Results focus
    • If you don’t have clear objectives, targets and KPIs, we’ll guide you through setting them and partner with you to measure and evaluate continuously so that we can prove a return on your investment.
  • Your champion
    • The Scott Partnership Group clients have a cheerleader, flag-bearer and champion on their side. We are fascinated by our clients’ activities and promote their best interests in everything we do.

Our brands

The Scott Partnership Ltd

UK-based group HQ delivering global integrated programmes across science, industrial and technology markets.

Kapler Communications

Kapler Communications is a wholly-owned sister agency, delivering scientific content-led programmes. Located at UK Group HQ.

Phoenix MarCom

Phoenix MarCom is a wholly-owned sister agency delivering sales-driven programmes. Located at UK Group HQ.


A footprint in North America, in place so that we can service clients on-the-ground there as needed.

TSP China

Our wholly-owned subsidiary based in Shanghai. Our China team delivers programmes across China and APAC for local clients, as well as global clients.

The Group you see today combines the best of three successful and respected science-driven communications agencies. Now under one umbrella, clients receive a service that draws on a heritage of more than 25 years.