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Integrated Sales and Marketing

We believe that all marketing and communications activity should deliver results that matter…increased sales and growth for your business.

Introducing our sales-driven marketing approach…
Based on our knowledge and understanding of the marketing and sales industries, our unique approach combines the very best tactics into a programme that can be customised for your business in order to achieve your specified strategic objectives. We immerse ourselves in your business to gain insights into your customers, brand and platform.

Some of our clients (we won’t name names!) use our teams on their booths at trade shows and other events as part of their ‘sales squads’. That’s how in-depth our knowledge is of our clients’ products, markets and strategy. We truly become an extension of your team.

When it comes to finding the right solution for you, we take a flexible approach (not just by practicing our yoga poses!) because we know that what works for one business doesn’t necessarily work for another. We combine the most appropriate combination of brand building, direct and indirect lead generation tactics and lead nurture strategies to ensure that all activity we deploy produces results that are measurable and related directly to your bottom line.

Products and Services

All our clients have different aims, budgets, timescales and target audiences, which is what makes them all so interesting to work with and means they all require a unique approach.

By immersing our dream team into your business to gain an in-depth insight into your business, we get to the bottom of your requirements and the results can be extremely revealing helping you to discover new opportunities for your business. When it comes to choosing the right content marketing and communications solution for your business we have a range of products and services on offer to build a programme that works for you:

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Media relations
  • Analyst relations

  • Marketing communications and design
  • Digital communications
  • Corporate communications

  • Internal communications
  • Lead generation and nurture
  • Events and trade show support


Brand building

In an increasingly competitive market the need to make your company stand out from the crowd by building a strong, reputable and exciting brand that engages with your target audience is more important than ever.

Do not be afraid! We have the expertise and creative approach to get you noticed and we know what generates meaningful engagement, excitement and coverage within your market.

By getting right to the heart of your brand, we help you develop your vision, mission and values and the best way to communicate them to your target audience. By identifying what makes your company unique and delivering an integrated campaign across multiple channels we effectively increase awareness of your brand to the people that matter. Our in-house graphic design team (highly creative within the remit of science) is also available to develop company branding and collateral providing our clients with all their PR and marketing communications services under one roof.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Need help aligning your sales and marketing strategies to maximise the effectiveness of your hard work? Our sales effectiveness programme works to ensure that your sales team has all of the knowledge and tools available to support them in their sales efforts. We also run strategy workshops to help you and your team establish your strategy to help you achieve your business objectives. Ultimately, we want to be friends with your sales teams and make sure they are supported with the marketing materials they need to generate more business.

Lead generation

Long gone are the days when you could rely on just outbound marketing to attract potential customers. There has been a major shift in buying structures which has put buyers in the driving seat making it more important than ever to have a strategy in place to generate leads and drive potential buyers into your company of their own accord. With the abundance of information now available to customers, companies are now required to actively engage with the audience on their terms to attract potential leads.

Panic not! Help is at hand…

We run focussed lead generation programmes via direct, indirect, inbound and outbound marketing resulting in high quality leads that will ultimately convert into an actual sale by effectively integrating sales and marketing activity.

Lead Nuture

Once you have captured your valuable leads, it is crucial that you continue to engage with them throughout the purchasing decision process – lead nurture. We can support you in making sure that the blood, sweat and tears you put into getting your leads don’t go to waste. By putting in a consistent, responsive system for managing and interacting with your leads (whether it be face to face, digital or via the telephone), listening to the needs of potential customers and making sure you offer value and opportunities for interaction you can develop awareness and desire within potential customers.

Stakeholder engagement

In order to effectively engage with your stakeholders (from analysts to employees, board members to shareholders) you need to understand their specific wants and needs. No need to set up a quiet room with a sofa and a box of tissues. We run market research programmes and carry out stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies to provide you with an in-depth insight into your stakeholders and develop targeted engagement and advocacy campaigns.

Going global

When promoting your brand across the globe it is essential to make sure your brand and campaign messages remain consistent and culturally appropriate (believe us, we’ve seen some real blunders in our time!). We operate a global hub model across the US, Europe, China and India to ensure the thrust of your campaign is replicated accurately and maintains its relevance and focus to media and markets across the globe.

Attracting investment & preparing for exit

We all know that the decisions made today can have significant implications for the future, scary right? So, if you’re interested in attracting investment, or in developing an exit strategy, you need to act now to position your business appropriately and talk to the right audience. We can work with you to develop your strategy to ensure your business offering makes an attractive proposition to your target investors.

Developing media relations

The media get their information from multiple channels – news is everywhere. To ensure your next big story gets the attention it deserves from your target audience, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure your key messages are picked up by the media both online and offline to increase awareness and drive a perception of your business. With our experience of what will grab the media’s attention and our extensive network of editor and journalists working in scientific communications, you can trust us to deliver your story successfully on a local, national and global scale. We can also we can help train your teams on what to say (and what not to!) when talking to the media and help you create engaging, shareable and unique content.

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