Sometimes, our clients take care of their own marketing strategy and bring us in to develop their communications programmes. However, many clients rely on our objective market assessments that shape business strategies and include:

  • Market size, opportunity and dynamics overviews

  • Target audience insights

  • Media and content audits

  • Marketing and website audits

  • Interviews with key employees, distributors and other stakeholders.

We create a detailed picture of our clients’ worlds and work with them, or separately, to develop marketing and communications strategies that are based on real insight.

Our senior team has been helping clients develop business, sales and marketing strategies for decades. When you partner with us, you can tap into our knowledge and experience to your heart’s content!

Our marketing and communications plans are derived from the strategy work and provide both direction and detail. Our plans are integrated, thorough, agile and measurable and, importantly, we always keep within budget.

When it comes to measurement, we use the AMEC integrated evaluation framework, which is the new global standard for the communications industry.

The framework demonstrates how to turn measurement and evaluation principles into action, and to finally prove the value of PR and communications. However, we believe that the framework relies on close collaboration between agency and client.

Correct use of the framework results in:

  • Focused and results-driven marketing planning

  • Clear definition of expectations, roles and accountabilities

  • Ability to demonstrate success and marketing ROI

  • Insights that will improve the success of future campaigns.

For our integrated inbound marketing programmes, closed-loop reporting enables us to provide minute detail about the success and role of every marketing tactic in contributing to sales effectiveness.

We drive our programmes from the start to ensure they are based on measurable objectives and that measurement and evaluation is built in, so we can continually improve performance and results based on real-time data.

Need help with your marketing strategy, planning and measurement? Give us a call.