The nature of the media in scientific and technology industries has changed drastically in recent years. New channels have emerged and the dominance of the trade media has been challenged. However, many trade publications have accordingly upped their game, extended their offering and there are still hundreds of magazines and platforms globally that are credible, well-read and high profile.

We make it our business to know the trade media and ensure we have strong relationships with them. We can recommend which publications to target to reach your audiences and make you an industry leader in their eyes.

We provide media relations strategies that:

  • Build relationships with your key media so that you become their go-to resource on your chosen topics
  • Generate newsworthy stories and topics that garner coverage and media interest
  • Are built on engaging and original content
  • Reach regional and global trade audiences
  • Prioritise the top tier media with high value content
  • Combine proactive pitching with reactive opportunity-spotting to leverage industry news and events
  • Prepare you for media interviews and potential crises
  • Maximise publicity pre-, during and post-trade shows and conferences.

However, PR is not just about media relations. We work with clients to set and deliver PR strategies that engage all of their audiences, including employees, potential investors, scientific communities and regulatory bodies.

Our PR services include:

  • Strategy and messaging

  • Media relations
  • Social media and blogging

  • Webinars, trade shows and events

  • Influencer / KOL marketing

  • Internal comms

  • Investor relations

  • Awards

  • Media training and crisis comms


From your own events, such as office openings, major customer or shareholder meetings and annual sales conferences, to trade shows, conferences and online events, we can make things run smoothly and ensure you get extra bang for your buck.

We plan, manage and deliver events, as well as inviting and handling the media so that your event gets the attention it deserves.

At trade shows, standing out from the crowd is the biggest challenge. We manage press conferences and individual press meetings and booth tours, so that your presence at the show gets you maximum press coverage and helps build your profile with your target media.

Take a look at one of our event management case studies here.

Our event services include

  • Scheduling media meetings
  • Sourcing venues

  • Photography and video

  • PR/news generation

  • Media meetings and follow ups

  • Booth/stand design and content development

  • Bespoke booth build and production
  • On-site support