In science and tech sectors, nothing is more powerful than customer advocacy. Scientists trust other scientists and peer to peer recommendation is king. We help our clients to leverage their existing customer relationships to develop testimonials and case studies that deliver impact and credibility in the market.

Our proven methodology for identifying and recruiting customers or technology users to take part in a case study guarantees success.

We can either find researchers who are using our clients’ technologies to create a list of candidates, or our clients introduce us to the customers they expect will be willing to participate. Either way, we have an impressive participation rate of around 14%.

We lead and drive the project, making it as easy as can be for both clients and their customers. Usually, we can deliver a final case study within 4-6 weeks. Some clients have us working on dozens of case studies at a time, so our project management has to be slicker than slick!

We interview the customer, write and/or film testimonials, and develop by-lined customer articles for media placement. The testimonials can also be reshaped into blog, social, event and video content for maximum impact.

A well written customer testimonial can:

  • Improve relationships with customers
  • Provide product feedback and insight
  • Enhance reputation

  • Help attract new leads and drive engagement

  • Boost sales

  • Be a valuable part of your content marketing strategy.

Recent case studies we have worked on include research in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, dioxin analysis, polymer science and cannabis testing.