Less than six months ago, I hadn’t heard of Scoop.it! but it is a tool that we have utilised for a number of our clients with significant success. In its most basic form it is a tool for content curation. If one of your strategic objectives is to be positioned as a thought leader then this is probably the tool for you as it gives you the platform to give thoughts on the latest and most relevant news to your business. The suggestion tab, with some tactical keyword selection, gives you a great starting platform to ‘scoop’ from key opinion leaders, news outlets and bogs. This increases SEO with manually added sources, or by using custom searches for Google news, as well as engagement with your target audience. scoop

Now it is important to make clear at this point that as an article in the Silicon Valley Watcher comments, “Curation online also has to demonstrate: mastery, passion, knowledge and expertise. Without such additional layers, a curated collection of links is just a collection of links.” Keep this in mind when publishing content; make sure it is something you are passionate about, what your target audience is  interested in and what is of relevance to your business.Scoopit!

As an integrated sales and marketing agency, we believe that all marketing and communications activity should deliver results that matter…increased sales and growth for your business. Lead generation is key and with Scoop.it! this can be achieved! Scoop.it! is a platform that enables you to generate leads through your published content. Personalised lead forms can be integrated into your content hubs to capture the prospects visiting that view your content, with simple fields that can be dragged and dropped into your content hubs. You can also build connections by ‘scooping’ relevant quality content that addresses your potential prospects’ questions or interests and generate opportunities to be discovered by them through their search queries or social media.

Your marketing strategies can be further optimised by measuring the impact of your content through analytics, including views, visitors, shares and comments daily on all of your scoops. This can be integrated further with Google analytics.

Scoop.it! should not be a singular entity. For any marketing strategy incorporating social media you should be focusing on the different relevant channels available be that LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and/or many others. These different channels and the content posted, reach a variety of audiences. Scoop.it! can save you time by integrating with these channels seamlessly and sharing the content you scoop both online or on the go.

With Scoop.it! you get out what you put in, and by leveraging our experience and knowledge in all social media platforms, remaining engaged with our clients and their audiences, we are able to deliver advice and solutions that really work and continue to achieve our clients objectives.

So if you’d like to experience a true partnership contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve success for your business.

Scott Girling-Heathcote, Junior Account Executive