Have you heard the one about the skyscraper built without any elevators? Sounds like the start of a bad joke, however this actually happened in Spain and you’ve probably had numerous stories about it filling your social media feeds ever since. But the reason we at The Scott Partnership find this story so incomprehensible is our dedication to ensuring solid blueprints are in place for all our strategic programmes.

The Scott Partnership prides itself on delivering innovative, integrated sales and marketing programmes that directly address our clients’ needs. In order to achieve this we place huge importance on getting to know our clients and the challenges they face at the start of any campaign; we call it the ‘deep dive’ experience.

When we start any new professional partnership we are insistent about ensuring we have a detailed client immersion session at the outset. Furthermore we have key protocols that we implement to confirm processes are in place from the outset; all in an effort to safeguard our clients from any ‘missed elevators’. This is the less talked about side of the business, but we believe it is intrinsic to achieving success for our clients and we know from experience that this approach is something our clients value highly when working with us.Skyscrapers

Truly strategy and valuable sales and marketing programmes can only be created if we truly understand you and your business; this is why our commencement immersion sessions are so integral to our business. By dedicating time at the start of the relationship, we believe this allows us to understand the foundations of the business and the challenges we need to address; thus ensuring all our recommendations are strategically applicable for the business needs.

Beyond this we consistently review our strategies and processes to ensure that everything is still delivering the best results against the agreed KPIs; we appreciate that business circumstances and needs evolve over time, and regular checkpoints and reviews allow us to continue to deliver the best. This is why we believe we would never miss the inclusion of any elevators, and even if the skyscraper blueprints massively altered, we have systems in place to ensure the inclusion is just re-aligned to best fit the new blueprint.

So if you want to make sure your next ‘skyscraper’ project has all the elements it needs to succeed, contact us today via [email protected] and we can help you ‘elevate’ your business to new heights!

Jen Husdan, Account Director at The Scott Partnership