Google has introduced a new algorithm update that changes the way its search engine ranks sites. From today, websites that are not deemed ‘mobile-friendly’ will be dropped down the search rankings.  For now, this will only affect searches on mobile devices helping users to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices. The sites that will benefit from the update are the ones that have large text, easy to click links, or those with a responsive design.  However, many are hailing this new update as ‘mobilegeddon’ creating panic amongst business owners who depend on website traffic to generate sales but have not yet optimized their websites for mobile browsing. Just in case you’re wondering you can check whether your site is mobile optimized by clicking here.

The use of mobile technology is growing rapidly and more and more businesses are using mobile devices within their organisations. For example, within the scientific industry, the demand for information at the point of need has led to the miniaturisation of traditionally lab-based technologies. Instrument manufacturers have developed handheld devices that have been developed to provide the information required.  In a similar way, how customers look for information and make purchasing decisions has changed to be increasingly online and on-demand. It’s therefore more important than ever that businesses make sure their websites provide a good browsing experience for visitors.

Despite the benefits of mobile optimization, it is shocking to see the number of large, global brands that have not taken the necessary steps to become mobile-optimized. It has been estimated that websites which are not mobile optimized could potentially lose up to a third of their website traffic. A large number of the world’s biggest brands will suffer the consequences of the latest update, unless they move quickly and make their websites mobile-friendly. Google announced the upcoming changes in February this year but we expect that a number of small businesses may still not be aware of these new changes and how they may affect traffic to their website. Mobile

Here at the Scott Partnership, we place a great emphasis on helping our clients to build their relationships with their customers and other businesses. Websites act as a portal of information and resources for current and potential customers so it is crucial that visitors can access the information they need quickly and easily, whenever they need it.

We work with a number of clients to create websites that attract potential customers, act as a portal of information and nurture leads through the pipeline. From design to content creation, we can help make sure your website is optimized so contact us today via [email protected] to find out how to prevent your business becoming a victim of ‘mobilegeddon’.

Dinah Harrison, Intern at The Scott Partnership