I started my internship at The Scott Partnership with little experience in the world of public relations but a real passion for science and technology. My first few months in the role were spent learning how to effectively communicate scientific and technical materials to a wider audience and I wanted to share my experience to demonstrate how I learned to bridge the gap between science and marketing.

You may have heard the old cliché many times: ‘I don’t do science’ and one of my key learnings was the importance of the ‘bigger picture’ as well as the technical detail. As an example, the benefits of a newly discovered composite enhancement process are not to be found in the percentage increase of modulus strength of the material, but rather in the next generation of super-fast, ultra-light tools, structures and vehicles which can now be manufactured as a result of the findings.

The success and popularity of people like Dr Brian Cox stands as a testament to the fact that the public do have a genuine interest in science; they just need be able to see the relevance between the subject and their everyday lives. The genius of Dr Cox is how communicates a perspective which puts complex information into everyday language.

Professor Brian Cox successfully translates science into a language we all understand.

Professor Brian Cox successfully translates science into a language we can all understand and appreciate.

That is in essence, what we do at The Scott Partnership. We take cutting edge science and communicate it to our client’s target audience in a straightforward and eloquent fashion. It is very easy to communicate scientific information to scientists; the real challenge is teasing out the tangible benefits from the technical jargon which would appeal to potential customers.

Our client portfolio stretches across a broad spectrum of industries including life sciences, industrial equipment, laboratory instrumentation, electronics and beyond. Our team of scientific and media specialists works together to ensure that all of our clients are provided with tailored sales and marketing solutions, communicating the benefits of leading innovation a way that is open and accessible to all.

To find out more about how we can help you translate scientific expertise into success for your business, please contact us on [email protected].

James Hayward, Junior Account Executive