We’re thrilled to have been appointed as PR and content agency for Liverpool-based innovator of cutting-edge biometric technology and software, Human Recognition Systems (HRS).

Established in 2001, HRS has experienced significant growth and demand for its biometrics solutions, with a global client base that continues to expand. The company develops a series of industrial software and hardware systems, enabled through biometric technology, that help construction companies, airports and other “critical safe secure” environments operate effectively. It has achieved a host of world firsts, including being the UK’s first multi-biometric technology company.

In sectors where identification plays a key role in safety, efficiency and productivity, organisations are increasingly turning to new technologies to remain competitive and future proofed. In the aviation sector, pressure on airports to increase passenger numbers without expanding their footprint means there is a focus on maximising capacity through the use of smart technology.

In the construction market, contractors supply workers across multiple sites and ensuring the right people, with the right accreditations and authorisations, are the only ones on sites is critical to safety, compliance and productivity. In these sectors and several others, technologies such as those developed by HRS are proving transformational.

For us, exploring the challenges in these markets with thought leaders from HRS and getting their points of view into the relevant media is the first step in informing and encouraging specifiers and influencers to consider adopting HRS’ smart technology. Education and awareness building is the first stage of our plan which is already well underway. In these markets, as with many others we operate in, getting clear and concise messages to the right people, via the right tools, at the right time is a real skill.

We work with clients like HRS to build buyer personas and market-specific messaging platforms that form the basis of our comms programmes, which are designed to generate results.

Working with data-driven clients also keeps us focused on providing data and insight that demonstrates the value and impact of the activities we undertake. This is very much a collaborative activity and when clients pool their own data on web analytics, lead tracking, sales uplift, with the data we collect from the market and the media, for example, we can create a compelling picture that shows senior management the power and future potential of well executed PR.

This is the latest in a slew of new business wins for us and we are particularly excited to be working with a North West-based innovator in such an exciting field. Many of our clients are involved in smart technologies from smart laboratory equipment to smart data lakes and the transformation of big data. This really is the future and we are thrilled to be part of a technology revolution that has already spawned so many innovators and will continue to do so.

If you’d like to find out about how we can help take your business to the next level, contact us.