‘Creativity’ – a word often echoed around PR and marketing agencies but how often do we really take the time to think about how we can maximize it to benefit our clients? When I began my career in marketing, I had little exposure to the graphic design process; from understanding the client brief to delivering the final design. Working at The Scott Partnership, I have been given the opportunity to get involved in the creative services we offer with our in-house design team. Combining creativity, market knowledge and an in-depth understanding of client objectives, we pride ourselves on delivering designs that are innovative, effective and unique to help our clients stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!

From eDMs and websites to brochures and infographics, we work closely with our clients to transform their vision into a reality. Throughout the creative process, including initial scamps, concept creation and approval of the final artwork, we make sure our client’s objectives are front of mind at all times. While it’s all very well creating graphics that appeal to us, it’s critical that they resonate with the target audience of our clients who are often working in scientific laboratories or research facilities.

There is nothing more satisfying then successfully meeting (and where possible exceeding!) our client’s expectations when it comes to design. However, we’ve all heard the stories about graphic designers desperately trying to bring their client’s vision to life with creative solutions and we appreciate the frustrations that can occur along the way. Adhering to strict branding guidelines, translating complex scientific information into powerful graphics and keeping up with changing client briefs can seem like a challenge when trying to apply the brush of creativity but there are a number of ways in which we have learned to overcome these scenarios:Graphic design

  • Create and comply – Instead of seeing strict brand guidelines as something that restrict creativity, we make sure we’re familiar with any guidelines to ensure our client’s brands are represented in a consistent way across all their materials.
  • Make it relevant – When it comes to conveying scientific information in an innovative and eye-catching way we have great fun brainstorming ideas for new projects. We’re not afraid to try something new for our clients – they represent the latest innovations in the scientific and technological industries and their marketing materials need to represent that. However, the most important thing is that the key messages are conveyed effectively and clearly to the target audience.
  • Discuss ideas – Briefs change and that’s just something we all have to accept. In our experience the most important thing is to discuss your ideas with the client at each stage to get feedback. Also make sure you understand what your client likes, ask for examples of designs that appeal to them so you know what they are looking for.

As a full service agency, we work with our clients on a whole host of projects including content creation, lead generation and sales strategy and the graphic support we provide is integrated across all of these areas. So if you are looking for a team that breathe some fresh air into your creative projects (we’re very happy to send examples of previous work!) contact us via [email protected].

Hayley MacLeod, Trainee Junior Account Executive at The Scott Partnership