In the rapidly evolving scientific and technological industries, innovation is a critical building block at every step of the product lifecycle. From the early stages of R&D through to commercialisation, innovation enables businesses to realise the maximum potential of their latest product, build a strong brand and effectively target potential buyers and stakeholders. Here at The Scott Partnership, we recognise that effectively translating your technical edge to customers is key to gaining market traction. Innovation can have a significant impact on integrated sales and marketing campaigns, and we are not afraid to try something new to help our clients achieve success and meet (or exceed!) their sales and marketing goals for their latest scientific and technological creations.

One of the fastest moving and dynamic areas that we work in here at The Scott Partnership is the electronics, semiconductor and display market. This has led me, oddly enough, to develop an interest in self styled musician and newly established tech-entrepreneur, who has recently made a bold leap onto the market with the release of a ‘smart cuff’, known as the i.amPULS (pronounced ‘pulse’) under his company The wrist mounted phone-come-watch device is designed to make calls, connect to social media and provide its wearer with a host of other snappy services common to smart devices.

The i.amPULS from

The i.amPULS from

What has struck me about the i.amPULS is not the quality of the technology, but the innovative way in which its creator has positioned the product to consumers. Through his clever marketing, has given his buyers something more than a smartwatch, differentiating the i.amPULS by leading with key USPs that are totally different from his competitors, namely fashion, the power of expression and individuality; commodities that are intrinsically bound up with his public persona, image and personality.

We’ll have to wait and see whether future generations of the i.amPULS will take the market by storm, but there are some important take away messages from this case study. has shown a fearless and innovative approach to product differentiation, creating a new brand in a crowded marketplace that is distinct and unique. He has pushed boundaries, and not been afraid to try something new and show his personality. The power of innovation is clear, and is closely linked to the importance of being passionate about what you do to help your business to open new doors and yield commercial results.

Being bold enough to try something new can lead to great things and we believe that there are no such things as failure or mistakes – it is an innovative journey to excellence. If you need some support in bringing fresh ideas and innovation into your sales and marketing strategies, then why not get in touch with us today via [email protected] or give us a call on 01477 539 539.

Ben Johnson, Junior Account Manager at The Scott Partnership