We hear this refrain from clients a lot. We work in the science and technology B2B sectors, and have found them to be generally averse to taking their marketing strategies online. This is despite the fact that all the new talent that is entering the industry have been brought up in the digital world and will expect to be able to engage with brands and buy from them in this way.
In fact, in the life sciences sector (where a lot of our clients sit), a recent report has highlighted that not just social media, but marketing to mobile devices is essential for success in life sciences. Here are some of the facts that led them to this assumption:

  • Two thirds of life scientists own a smartphone
  • One-third of life scientists own a tablet
  • 72% of life scientists regularly use a mobile device to support their research in the lab
  • 68% of life scientists have apps on their phone
  • 56% of life scientists would like lab suppliers to send them protocols and applications via a mobile device- Mobile marketing to life scientists (2012), Bioinformatics LLC

So it is clear that ignoring digital strategies is a foolhardy tactic. And why would you ignore a tactic that enables you to engage with your target audience on a 1-to-1 basis and help you to capture leads?