With competition for attention at the world’s leading cosmetics ingredients trade show fierce, the seemingly polarised worlds of glamour and science converged in an explosion of glitter at this year’s in-cosmetics in London.

The three enduring mega tends of natural, sustainable and anti-ageing were dominant, with the new product zone rife with creations such as volcanic ash eyeshadow, Peruvian vicuña-derived nail varnish glitter and sacred lotus-derived flavanol-rich anti-cellulite cream – to name a few.

Asian, and particularly Korean, beauty trends featured heavily, with products aimed at skin lightening and contouring, and even selfie make-up being discussed.

Nutricosmetics also remains a hot topic, with the continued blurring of lines between beauty, food and drink resulting in some interesting ingredients including carotenoids from tomato powder and hyaluronic acid and egg shell membrane that can both supposedly lighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

Mintel has packaged up what it sees as the four global beauty and personal care trends of 2017 as:

Active beauty – covering innovations such as sweat-proof make-up, hair protection for swimmers and runners and easy-to-wear products for consumers who are always on the go.

Back to basics – the mega trend in the food and beverage industry of clean and simple labelling is hitting personal care. Simplified labels, product instructions and more natural, recognisable ingredients all meet this growing consumer desire for simplicity.

Damsels in de-stress – stressed-out consumers are choosing relaxing beauty products to help them unwind and to maximise their precious ‘me-time’. Many products promise to help create a calming environment conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Beauty round the clock – skin, hair and nail overnight ‘detox’ products are gaining momentum and packaging formats that offer convenience and portability, such as single use deodorant pods, are emerging.

But what does all of this mean for cosmetic and personal care ingredient suppliers? Well, natural, sustainable, simple ingredients that offer anti-ageing, de-stressing, high colour impact or lightweight textural effects are clearly in demand.

Some of the most exciting ingredient innovation, in our view, comes from the most advanced scientific breakthroughs. Olixol, a new entrant to the market, launched its first two products – borage and jojoba oil at the show. These natural, plant-based oils were developed using a novel process that requires no agricultural land or harvesting, very little water and is unaffected by weather conditions. A fascinating scientific breakthrough made here in the UK, which has resulted in products that tap into consumer demand for natural and sustainable and manufacturers’ needs for consistency of quality and supply.

We are looking forward to Amsterdam in 2018 to find out what is coming next!

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By Louise Reid, Director of Client Services at The Scott Partnership.