Science is all around us. It’s in the houses that we live in, the technology that we use, and the food that we eat. Today sees the start of British Science Week, a 10 day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths across the UK for people of all ages.

As an agency that works primarily in the science and technology markets, we thought this would be an ideal opportunity to explain the type of work that we get involved with on a day to day basis by highlighting some of the interesting work that our clients are involved with. From cannabis potency testing to the science behind the flavours of what we eat, our daily blogs over the next week will aim to give an insight into how science and technology pioneered by some of our clients impacts our every day lives.

During the coming week, we will learn about the fascinating fields of science that impact on the work that our clients are involved with – from pharmaceuticals and cannabis testing, to enhancing flavours. We will also take a look at the science behind the Blue Planet 2 TV programme that has inspired all of our staff at the office to get involved with British Science Week’s citizen project, The Plastic Tide.

We have also asked our colleagues and clients the following question:

What scientific discovery from the last 12 months has excited or inspired you the most?

We will report back on the results of this survey at the end of next week to see what this audience believes has been the most significant scientific development. Will it be Elon Musk’s SpaceX, the creation of the artificial womb, the new gene therapy for the blind, or the teleportation of light particles via quantum physics? Tune back into our blog on 16th March to find out the answer.

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By Claire James, Account Director at The Scott Partnership.