Each May, exhibitors and media from the plastics and materials market gather together for the annual ChinaPlas exhibition, alternating between Shanghai and Guangzhou – with 2017 seeing the latter taking its turn to host the world’s largest exhibition, now in its 21st year.

The stats are impressive – the show attracts roughly 3,400 exhibitors, over 1,000 of which are raw materials suppliers. It’s also attended by more than 150,000 visitors; with around 40,000 coming from overseas. Attendee numbers were up over 4% on 2016, and the number of visitors in 2017 therefore set a show record.

The visiting media represents countries as diverse as Mexico, Germany, America and India, as well as PRC. We hosted several events including on-booth press openings, booth tours, face-to-face interviews and private, off-site press conferences. Events are hosted in Chinese and English simultaneously, and all press material is prepared in both languages.

It is impressive that Chinese media attending ChinaPlas can clamour for news in ways that we do not see in other geographies. Our global and international clients would be well placed to see China as a great geography to optimize their media reach. In 2016, one of our clients received over 300 pieces of coverage from their Chinaplas press event!

At The Scott Partnership, we support large and small clients alike for their exhibition support needs. ChinaPlas is a high profile event, with media who are very busy and booked up ahead, so it is imperative to use a strong agency with good media contacts to facilitate bookings ahead. The event tends to be well attended by media covering the plastics industry, but our teams will invite and bring media from other industries if our clients have a particular product to launch. This year, we also brought in media from the interiors and home décor sectors, and bicycles and automotive industries – these journalists never normally visit a plastics show, so a good PR company is a must to have the influence required to draw them in.

If you are looking for advice and support for your PR, content and exhibition media support needs in China, The Scott Partnership covers most large trade shows including Analytica, BCEIA, ChinaPlas, CPhI, CISMA and CMEF so get in touch to discuss your plans with us.

Our knowledge and expertise on the ground will enable you to make clear decisions about what will work best for you, to give you the strongest results, the best outcome and the best investment of your budget.

Kath Darlington, CEO, The Scott Partnership.